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"A3 has been a blessing to our nation [not identified for security reasons]. Before A3, we had been trying different strategies to bring our leaders together and to have like-mindedness. None of this, of course, actually really worked. But when A3 came to our country, it really blessed our nation and our leaders. Starting with the first batch and now what we are doing with our current second batch has really transformed the way we leaders used to be. We have become united; we have become like-minded. We have also become prayer support partners for one another.

We have become ministry partners with each other—like many of the things that we do, we plan together, we have begun to work together and to plan for our nation in our thinking... "Let's do this! Let's do that!" A3 has been a very great blessing to us. And A3 is something that we would really love to pursue. We would really give our life for that!

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Our Participants

A3 Participants

A3 Leader Development Participants

Leaders with Potential . . . not Potential Leaders

A3 participants are screened and selected by a group of senior leaders and advisors in their country/region. They are selected generally according to the following criteria:

  • They should be leaders of exemplary Christian character and solid biblical convictions.
  • They generally subscribe to a theology that is consistent with evangelical faith.
  • They are leaders who have established a strong early track record that demonstrates that they have potential for growth that is significantly above the norm. We are focused on "leaders with potential" rather than on "potential leaders."
  • They are innovators and early adopters. A3 is committed to selecting leaders who would be identified as curious leaders inclined to adopt and adapt new ideas.
  • The leaders selected will be people who have an expanding circle of influence, regardless of which sphere of society they operate in (church, marketplace, etc.)

In each country, these definitions will be adapted to the realities of their particular context.

Learning Communities

We place these leaders into cohorts that are learning communities where they meet together and learn together over a two-year period. This is often where transformation happens in the life of almost every participant.

From time to time, as is appropriate, we will highlight some of our participants and tell their stories. Due to security issues, we must be very careful about publishing exactly who the A3 participants are. Even so, we can describe typical participants in general terms.

Check out these stories...


pangki and irene 2023 0605

We have shared a few brief video clips from our recent session in Jakarta for A3/Indonesia. In this testimonial, Pastor Pangki & his wife Irene shared how A3 has impacted them. Take a look...

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Heny 2023 0602

The last few days we've posted a few reports from our recent session in Jakarta for A3/Indonesia. Here's another one from Heny about her A3 experience and what she learned at this session...

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Pastor Yoel 2023 0601

It was great to be in Jakarta for the A3 session of the second cohort! I met Pastor Yoel, who wanted to share a few words of thankfulness with everyone about his A3 experience.

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It has been six months since the lockdown began in Manila...

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family of Jason Richard Tan

Allow me to share to you what has been happening in our part of the world...

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A3 prayer meeting endorsement video screengrab

Here's a powerful testimony from one of our leaders sharing the impact of the program on their country. The story is so compelling that we wanted you to be able to watch or listen...

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Pastor Juserdi Purba and his wife, Dr. Meiti Pragiwati, are quite a couple in A3...

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filipino couple screengrab

I praise and thank the Lord for A3. It's just been so uplifting… it's recharging for us pastors...

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persecutedchurch4 600x190

"I especially want to thank A3 for standing with me at this hard time. My A3 friends helped me greatly during this trial...

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