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An Integrated Curriculum

  Strategic Areas of Leadership:

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  1. Purpose, Vision, & Philosophy of Ministry
    Laying a personal ministry foundation

    Vision is given by God, but is based on values and purpose. Together these form a church’s Philosophy of Ministry upon which strategy and goals are based.

    Through this teaching module, leaders:

    • Clearly identify, in writing, their core values and purpose.
    • Clarify their vision.
    • Formulate a practical strategy and plan with realistic goals to fulfill that vision.
    • Grow in their understanding of the Church and of God’s purposes for it.
    • Be inspired in their faith to believe God to work in and through their church.

  2. Leader Formation
    Understanding how God calls, equips and shapes a leader
  3. Worship in Spirit and in Truth
    Developing a lifestyle and a ministry of exalting God
  4. Marriage & Family
    Transforming the personal life of the leader

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  1. Training and Developing Leaders
    Selecting and developing others to lead with you
  2. Disciple Making
    Emulating Jesus’ method of reproducing disciples
  3. Spiritual Gifts
    Unleashing others to serve effectively

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  1. Leading Your Church to Growth
    Building healthy churches
  2. Missional Small Groups
    Cultivating groups to experience biblical community and outreach
  3. Church Planting and Multiplication
    Reproducing witnessing communities

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  1. Evangelism
    Teaching others to effectively share the Good News
  2. Christ and Culture
    Contextualizing message and the method
  3. Social Dynamics
    Contextualizing issues like poverty, war, persecution, and emotional health
  4. World Mission
    Fulfilling the Great Commission



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