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Bio: Gary and Barbara Bauman

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The Baumans have been missionaries in Japan with A3 since 1988. Gary is the former editor of Japan Harvest magazine and focuses his time on supporting strategic print and digital ministry resources that enhance Kingdom advance. His wife Barbara authored Discovering the Joy of Parenting and enjoys leading and training mothers to lead parenting classes.


Gary and Barbara first went to Japan as short-term summer workers with A3 (Barbara in 1981, and Gary & Barbara together in 1985). During those two summers they taught English classes at churches in the Osaka area to build bridges into the local community. In 1988 they moved to Japan with their one-year-old daughter, Jessica, to serve long-term. Their son, Josiah, was born in Tokyo in 1990.

Ministry Activities:

Along with partnering in the outreaches of their local Japanese congregation and playing saxophone on the worship team, Gary serves as translation editor for Japan Update (the English newsletter of the Japan Evangelical Association), edits online blog posts for A3, and is involved in ministry coaching. Barbara does periodic parenting seminars, serves on the A3 member care team, mentors high school girls, and leads women’s Bible studies. Together, Gary and Barbara have a Bible study and encouragement ministry with young women in their 20s and 30s.

History with A3

During their decades of ministry in Japan, Gary and Barbara’s ministry assignments have encompassed both local church ministry and national and trans-Asia ministries serving the church and the missionary community. 

Both Gary and Barbara have degrees in music, and their first assignment was with the A3 Song-Rise team serving local Japanese churches and pastors.

For more than a decade, Gary and Barbara were involved in Song-Rise sponsored music evangelism outreaches, the support of visiting Christian artist tours, the provision of worship seminars, and the production of print and audio praise and worship resources. Publishing and recording projects during those years included two Japanese Continentals CDs, the bilingual Exalt Him! songbook, the Dickens Christmas Carolers audio recording, and the bilingual Caroling Collection songbook and CD. 

In 2002, the music and worship ministry was passed into the hands of Japanese leadership, and from 2002 to 2005 Gary and Barbara were team leaders for the East Kanto Church Multiplication Network.

bauman gary 2023In 2005 Gary was asked to be managing editor of Japan Harvest magazine for the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association, which resources missionaries in over 40 different mission organizations working all across Japan. During his tenure from 2005 to 2018, he transitioned the magazine from a black-and-white print-only publication to a full-color print magazine and online digital ministry. Volunteer staff involvement grew from two to nearly a dozen.

Barbara 19.03.17 500x750pxWhile Gary was focusing on music and worship outreaches and later, print and digital ministries, God had a surprise for Barbara. In the course of raising their two children and observing the parenting practices of Japanese mothers, God opened the door to what would become Barbara’s ministry focus—teaching biblical parenting skills.

In partnership with a Japanese co-worker, she developed the principle-based Discovering the Joy of Parenting leader’s curriculum that addressed parenting challenges in Japanese society. First published in 2002 and completely updated in 2019, it is used throughout Japan and in Japanese communities around the world. In 2012 it was adapted and published to address similar challenges in Mongolian society. The materials in Mongolia are used in churches as well as government-endorsed parenting training programs.

When you're in Japan, be sure to...

Enjoy a relaxing day at an onsen (public bath).

Funniest story of life in Japan...

Shortly after returning to Japan in 1993 from our first "home assignment" in the U.S., we were visiting with some Japanese friends. Gary was sharing the basics of the gospel, and as he was explaining how God had come to earth in the Person of Jesus Christ, his tongue got tangled. Rather than saying ningen (person), to his dismay he heard himself saying ninjin (carrot)!

What we've learned here...

There is no substitute for long-term ministry. With decades of ministry in Asia, we're more excited than ever about what God is going to do in the years ahead! 

How is God blessing your life and ministry?

Whether it is seeing retired neighbors come to Christ and baptizing them in a local river, seeing a young mother choose not to abort twin girls and become a follower of Jesus, seeing young people who are just entering the work force commit to weekly Bible studies amidst their busy schedules, and seeing biblical resources we've developed spread around the world, we are awed at how God can take the willingness of two very flawed human beings and use us in our weakness to touch lives and expand His kingdom. 

In Japan, we enjoy...

Special Japanese friends, an efficient and effective public transit system, a missionary community that is committed to working together for the advancement of the gospel, the commitment of evangelical Japanese Christians despite being a minority of less than 1/2 of 1 percent... the list goes on and on.  



darkness and light pexels irina iriser 2534528 1000px 

A3 Advent Devotional Entry • Gary Bauman

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.
—Isaiah 9:2

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A3 advent devotional coverAdvent Has Come

Following a tremendous time of thanksgiving for God's blessings, the Advent season is upon us once again (Sunday, Dec. 3 – Sunday, Dec 24, 2023).

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by Yoshiya Hari
Director, Asian Access Japan

I became a pastor in 2003 and took over a church planted by missionaries. Ever since, I have been blessed to preach the gospel together with missionaries. Since 2011, I have served as the National Director of the mission organization アジアン・アク セス・ジャパン (Asian Access Japan). This has allowed me to collaborate with local churches in various places in Japan by sending missionaries to them.

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How one Japanese congregation responded to the COVID-19 pandemic 

Rev. Yoshiya (Joshua) Hari

WHEN I TALKED TO PASTOR YOSHIYA (JOSHUA) HARI, THE NATIONAL DIRECTOR FOR A3 JAPAN, his church had already been dealing with its own crisis before the coronavirus came. After over 20 years in the same location, in 2019 the congregation of Saikyo Hope Chapel was told they had to vacate the building they were leasing because it would be demolished. Finding a similar facility for the same price proved to be extremely difficult, so from February 2, 2020, they found themselves alternately renting one of two local community centers for services each Sunday.

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Why A3?

Why are we serving with A3?

Because vision, innovation, and partnership in evangelism and leadership training have always been core values for A3. When we joined the A3 team, we knew we would be joining with visionary missionaries and nationals who were committed to exploring every possible avenue to see multiplied lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

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